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Witnessing Way

Day 1 – Go and Share The foundation for dealing with finances is to commit all your resources to God.

Day 4 – ABC or RRR – Growing up I remember the ABC’s of salvation: Admit, Believe and Confess.
Day 7 – Repentance – One ingredient we seem to be missing in sharing the Gospel in our day and culture is repentance.
Day 10 – Witnessing In Wales – It does not matter with whom you share, the principles are the same.
Day 13 – Only Share What You Have Known – There were times in my life when I tried to share what I had heard others share.
Day 16 – Do Not Be Distracted By Diversion Questions – Paul teaches us not to answer foolish and illogical questions.
Day 19 – Use Creation To Share – There are many good questions that you can ask to reach a person who says he does not believe in God.
Day 2 – Go in God’s Power – One of the exciting things about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others is that God will do the work.
Day 5 – The One Minute Gospel – You can lead someone to saving faith in Christ very quickly if you sense they are ready.
Day 8 – Witnessing Way Day 8 – Don’t Argue Over Once Saved Always Saved – Some like to argue over whether a person who is saved is “once saved always saved” or if you can “fall from grace”.
Day 11 – Sharing with Muslims – Remember the Gospel is the same for everyone but you can use different techniques with certain groups.
Day 14 – A Man’s Morality Dictates Philosophy – This is a great truth to keep in mind when you are sharing with someone.
Day 17 – Do Not Argue At Length With Someone – Years ago, we went out on an evangelistic visit.
Day 20 – The Roman Road – It is good to have a plan to share the gospel, and the so called “Roman Road” is a great one.
Day 3 – Win the War – It does not do any good to try to argue with a person to try to win them to salvation.

Day 6 – Power and Destination -We are to go and share everywhere.
Day 9 – Use Big Cannons – During some of my earlier years I would share the gospel with others and plead with them to get saved.
Day 12 – A Person Must Realize He Is Lost Before He Can Be Saved – I have heard many stories over the years of missionaries going to India and many being “saved”.
Day 15 – Did You Make A Commitment When You Were Younger? – There are many questions you can ask if given permission to do so, when you are sharing.
Day 18 – God’s Timing – Though we don’t want to waste time arguing, we do want to wait on God’s timing.
Day 21 – The Big Bust – A college student interrupted my group presentation to announce he believed in the Big Bang theory.
Day 22 – Attention Getting Illustrations – You might want to learn to use attention getting illustrations to gain an audience.
Day 23 – Answers In Illustrations – What was in my hand that had never been seen before and would never be seen again after today?

Day 24 – Let Them See You Understand – When sharing with folks, let them see you have an understanding spirit.
Day 25 – Love And Courage – After 9/11 and many times since that day, I have heard rescue workers being interviewed.
Day 26 – Why Do People Wash Out? – This is a question that has plagued the evangelical church for the last 2,000 years.
Day 27 – No Conviction No Difference – God draws people to Himself.
Day 28 – Sharing With a Buddhist – No matter what the background of the person with whom you are sharing, use God’s Word.
Day 29 – Learn to Weave Around Objections – Your motivation in sharing should come from a heart of genuine love.
Day 30 – Follow-up – There is a debate today on follow-up because so many wash out with a short time of “praying to receive Christ.”
Day 31 – Salvation – The goal of these Witnessing Way points is to encourage you to share the Gospel.