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Financially Free

The purpose of Financially Free is to help you understand and practice God’s principles of financial freedom. Please click on Day 1, then work through all 31 days. Continue to work on these helps and others the Lord gives you until you go to your eternal treasures.

Day 1 – Commit Your Finances To The Lord The foundation for dealing with finances is to commit all your resources to God. It is God that giveth thee the power to get thee wealth.

Day 4 – Give Generously – Generous giving is a discipline Christ wants each Christian to have and is a mark of a genuine believer.
Day 7 – Learn How To Negotiate – To get the best buy you need to learn how to negotiate. First of all, evaluate the item you are thinking of buying or trading. Then, find the right price or value.
Day 10 – Learn How To Be Content – The 10th Commandment, do not covet, is sometimes the most difficult. Contentment is realizing that God has given you everything you need for your present happiness.
Day 13 – What About An Estate? – The main thing you want to leave your children is a godly heritage. A good name to pass down is much more valuable than riches and genuine love will last forever.
Day 16 – Aim For Never Paying Full Price – There will be times when you have no choice but to pay full price, but make it a goal to never do so. There are so many ways you can achieve this goal.
Day 19 – Buy, Sell And Trade – When it comes to spending there is a time you might have to pay full price on an item. There is a time to buy.
Day 22 – Choosing A Good By Humility And The Fear Of The Lord Are Riches And Honor And Life -God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. The meek shall inherit the earth.
Day 25 – Learn How To Do Repairs – Have you noticed the high cost of repair bills these days? Just a service call to your house will cost you a pretty penny, and probably some ugly dollars.
Day 28 – Bless The Lord In A Reverse – Many times our true motives can be revealed when we have a reverse. Are you willing to thank God for a reverse as well as a gain?
Day 31 – Sharing The Most Valuable Item – The most valuable item in this world and the next is salvation. It is a pearl of great price. God did not say, “Go help with the economy”. Jesus said for you and me to go make disciples.
Day 2 – The Tithe Is The Lord’s – Give God 10%. God deserves 100% of all our financial gains. Yet, as a loving God, He only requires 10%, and you should cheerfully give 10% of all your increase to the Lord.
Day 5 – Learn How To Pray For Finances – God wants you to pray for finances. Jesus commands us to do so and then give an example of how logical and right it is that God will meet the needs of His children.
Day 8 – Learn When To Negotiate – Not only do you need to learn how to negotiate you need to learn when and when not to negotiate. There are many times you should not negotiate and the Holy Spirit will prompt you at these times.
Day 11 – Earn By Biblical Methods – God wants you to learn how to be a provider. This is part of maturing as a Christian. God wants a man to learn to provide for basic needs and for a woman to provide a loving home environment.
Day 14 – Learn How To Save – Now this may sound like a no brainer for a principle on financial freedom, but you should learn how to save. First of all, think in percentages. If you save a dollar on a ten dollar item that may not sound like a lot.
Day 17 – Research Products – Do your homework before investing in an item. A tool with a lifetime guarantee that cost a little more would certainly be a better buy than a cheap tool that would not last.
Day 20 – Buy, Sell And Get Gain – When it comes to making money, there are many moral, legal and ethical ways to do so.
Day 23 – Understand Gain And Loss – No matter how well you plan there will be times when you have losses. There will be times when you have gain. This is the ebb and flow of life.
Day 26 – Save So You Can Give More – What is your motivation for earning? One motivation would be to become a godly provider. Do not try to gain just to lay up more for yourself.

Day 29 – Bless The Lord In A Gain – Sometimes it is easier to bless God in a reverse than it is to remember him in a gain.
Day 3 – O W E – NO! – One of the biggest drains on being financially free is debt. Avoid debt at nearly all costs. Debt is a prison in which it is very difficult to climb out.

Day 6 – Our Hope – When God does answer your prayers for finances make sure to record them and share them with your family. One day they will start recording their own.
Day 9 – Learn How To Get The Best Buy – There are many factors in learning how to get the best buy. There are stores that will run quality basic merchandise on sale at the end of a season that you can buy for the next season.
Day 12 – Learn How To Save Money And Time – It is important to save money and be wise financially. Just as importantly, if not more so, is to learn how to save time. The balance of the two is priceless.
Day 15 – Have A Proper Perspective on Retirement – Not only does God want you to save and earn in Biblical ways, He wants you to learn how to save for right things.
Day 18 – Consider A Used Item – There are many times it is both practical and money saving to buy a used item. There are times when a new item is essential. But if you can, consider a used item.
Day 21 – Learn To Wait And Check With Your Mate – Many times you can avoid a bad decision by just waiting 24 hours. When you walk away from the pressure of the moment, you can avoid a decision made in haste that could result in waste.
Day 24 – Be Attentive To What Others Overlook – Paying attention to what others overlook can be a good way to gain resources.
Day 27 -Keep The Spirit Of The Law – We do not want to be too strict on “points or rules” but at the same time want to be accountable for every penny.
Day 30 – Don’t Focus On Finances – Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”