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Children Are A Blessing

The Children Are A Blessing ministry is designed to encourage parents in the Scriptural philosophy, commitments and practical applications of raising children.

There are 31 daily encouragements and various projects to encourage you along the journey as parents. It is best to take one encouragement a day and apply that one. Then move on to the next and attempt to put all of these into practice. Click on the link on the top of the box to read the full days journey as well as listen to the sound bite that goes with that day’s lesson.

God will give you additional insights and encouragements as you apply these. God bless you as you do.

Day 1 – Desire Children We should desire to be around, have and minister to, children. We live in a day and a culture where children are considered a burden. However, God calls them a blessing. “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (See Psalm 127).

Day 4 – T.I.M.E – There are many definitions of love floating around but the practical definition I like best is this one: Do you know how to spell love? T.I.M.E.

Day 7 – Tame Your Temper – Of my many failures in raising our children, losing my temper was one of the major ones. A person who lost his self-control has not right to discipline his child. When you lose your temper, you forfeit your right to discipline your child. Instead, you are the one who needs correction.
Day 10 – Have A Date Day – When my children were small I tried to spend time with them each evening. Yet, somehow I wanted more individual time with them. I had been having a date night with my wife for years and a friend said that he had a date day with his daughters, one at a time each Saturday.
Day 13 – Proper Punishment – As parents, we have a responsibility to punish our children. Children left to themselves will usually bring shame. Yet it is important to make sure we use proper punishment. As our children grew older, we tried to make sure we were giving proper punishment.
Day 16 – Aim For The Heart – This is another area in which I have failed some and many parents have. Though we want outward conformity, we want the heart of our child to be with us. We want them to have a desire in their heart to obey. How can you do that?
Day 19 – Teach Principles – There are seven, universal non-optional principles of life that we must teach our children. Design-God made your child and God makes no mistakes. Have them thank God for their unchangables and they can have a proper self-image.
Day 22 – Teach love – We hear so much about love today, yet real love is rarely seen. Love is the ultimate expression of the Christian life. It fulfills the law and the prophets, the law of Christ, motivates us to keep the commandments of Christ, proves to the world that we are Christians and is the end of the commandment. Teach your children to love.
Day 25 – Music – The music you expose your children to is so important. Children have a tendency to become interested in what they are exposed to. Make sure to expose them to music that is melodious.
Day 28 – Teach Finances – It is the duty of parents to teach financial responsibility to their children.  Teach them to earn money, give the tithe to the local church and save some.
Day 31 – Teach The Next Generation – One of the goals of teaching your children the ways of Christ, which include the principles of life, is so they can teach it to their children.

Day 2 – Commit Your Children To The Lord – When you are blessed with children of your own or with a ministry to other children, commit them to the Lord.

Day 5 – Teach Christ – As Christian parents we are to “teach Christ” to our children. Well, what does that actually mean? It means that He is our all and we teach all we can about Him through word and deed.

Day 8 – T.E.A.M – Strive to make your children realize they are a blessing by explaining to them that your family is a team and they add special blessings to the team that no one else could.

Day 11 – Praise – Another one of my major failures is the lack of praise. Children do need correction but to constantly correct without any praise will give rise to resentment and bitterness.

Day 14 – Don’t Spare The Rod – It is not what you think about raising children or what I think about it but what God says about it. You can raise a child without spanking but not as well as you could with it.

Day 17 – Trust (Human Nature) – As parents, we are responsible to do all we can to guard our children from falling. We are to consistently instruct, guide, encourage and correct.

Day 20 – Teach Character – Getting saved takes care of your eternity, but the rest of the time on earth, God wants you to be conformed to the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. This process is called sanctification. Developing character is a major part of this process.

Day 23 – Teach Courting – Something is terribly wrong with the process by which a person finds his mate in America. Even Christian couples have a divorce rate of about 50%. What is the answer?
Day 26 – Teach Dependence Upon God And Not Man – The middle verse of the bible is Psalm118:8 “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

Day 29 – Finishing The Job – As you teach your children, teach them to finish the job. This quality is certainly lacking in many children today as well as in some adults.
Day 3 – Children are last – If a day of “me-first” in our society, it is important to teach children their proper priority, third place.

Day 6 – Training – As you train your children remember the multiple applications involved in training. We train by using Scripture, applying it to our lives as an example and encouraging them to do the same.
Day 9 – Train In The Way They Are Bent – Children in a family are on the same team but all have different gifts. When you are training a child in the way he should go, remember that “training” should include the child’s individual bent. Train them in the way they should go.
Day 12 – Prayer Time – Prayer time is a perfect time to praise your children. We had a family prayer time every night. We assigned a person to call on who should pray. With five children and my wife and I it worked out that each person had one night a week.
Day 15 – Rules And Regulations – God’s nature is that of decency and order. Therefore, you must have rules and regulations to raise children. You cannot have a rule for everything, but if you teach them the general principles behind the rules, they do cover everything.
Day 18 – Give Responsibilities According To Age – As Christian parents we want to raise responsible children. You should start very early teaching a child that he is responsible for every action, thought, deed, motive and word.
Day 21 – Teach Wisdom – How important is wisdom? Proverbs 4:7 says, “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom…” Wisdom is more valuable than gold, more precious than jewels,more valuable than riches and should be a top priority.
Day 24 – Teach Manhood or Womanhood – The psalmist David prayed “…that our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace:” (See Psalm 144:12)
Day 27 – Teach Service – One of the most important traits you can teach your children is to have an attitude of service. We taught our children to look for ways to serve others, especially widows and those who were in need of help.
Day 30 – Release As They Grow Older – As your children grow you should be in the process of an incremental release.  We give a final release as their direct authority at one of two points: